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  The Kaizen Hands Consulting company was started up in Bogotá D.C., Colombia to help companies of all types of  industries and sizes looking to improve and grow their organization using the Lean Philosophy and Methodology. We provide services to Colombia and Latin America in English and Spanish to ensure knowledge transfer and usage. We are providing sessions to companies looking to transform their Culture and improve difficult areas. For individuals looking to grow their skill sets and job opportunities, we provide certification workshops. Lean Manufacturing is about seeing and eliminating waste within manufacturing and office processes.

Vision: Grow our client's greatest asset, its employees. We want to become the leaders in Always Improving (Kaizen) using the employees' creativity and innovation to make them versatile and multiply in value.


Mission: Cultivate the Lean Philosophy and Methodology (Kaizen Spirit) with our Client's employees that will endure in the good and tough times. We will develop the Client's Lean System to become part of their culture and day-to-day routine.


Values: Protect the client's Intellectual Property, products, and services to keep their competitive advantage. Give Confidence in our client's Lean Transformation. Harvest each Kaizen and its outcomes.


How WE Can

Help You

Factory Lean Evaluation

On-site visit to evaluate current Lean Manufacturing Standard and Methodology. We will review findings with management and provide recommendations for improvements. The evaluation checklist and radar chart will be given to the client and used for yearly evaluations. 

Are you Curious how the company measures up to Toyota?

4 Hours

Price: Email for Info

Key to Success
Value Stream Mapping (VSM) Kaizen

How fast can you fabricate and ship a product to the customer?

40 Hours

Price: Email for Info


Are you behind on Deliveries? Do you have too much Inventory?Are defects causing you Money?
A VSM Kaizen will generate a current state map reflecting the product's steps, time, inventory, quality, and pain level. The event's output is a future state map and plan showing the improvements to reduce the pain level and increase the product speed to the customer. The team will consist of a diverse groups from operators, supervision, mechanics, engineers, and sales with the support of leadership.


The session is for 10-12 participants.

Problem Solving Training

Why did the Titanic Sink? Lets find out together.

8 Hours

Price: Email for Info

Problem Solve.jpg

We will use the 6 Sigma problem solving methodology, DMAIC, to discover what happened to the Titanic. The training session will use a case study to reinforce the lessons taught and sub-teams will report out discoveries both on the case study and problem solving methodology.


The session is for 9-15 participants.

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Training

How often does you machine break down? Do you have late deliveries?

In the TPM training we will learn the steps and structure needed to keep this valuable machine running its best just like a Ferrari. We will use a case study to discover the issues and how to apply our new techniques to ensure a productive machine and reduce costs.

The session is for 9-15 participants.

Is your machine costing too much to repair?

8 Hours

Price: Email for Info

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