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Factory Lean Evaluation

Are you Curious how the company measures up to Toyota?

4 Hours

Price: Email for Info

Key to Success

On-site visit to evaluate current Lean Manufacturing Standard and Methodology. We will review findings with management and provide recommendations for improvements. The evaluation checklist and radar chart will be given to the client and used for yearly evaluations. 

Culture Transformation

This session will introduce the Culture Transformation concepts needed to accelerate the company on its Lean Journey. We will explore Hoshin Kanri, 2-Second Lean, Daily Genba, VSM, Office Kaizen and more concepts to understand the Why? Who? How? With the company evaluated, we can discuss the various paths and resources needed. The session's output is identify preferred path and submit for approval.


This session is dedicated to the Leaders of the company.

Are you Ready for the Lean Journey?

4 Hours

Price: Email for Info

Value Stream Mapping Kaizen

Are you behind on Deliveries? Do you have too much Inventory?Are defects causing you Money?A VSM Kaizen will generate a current state map reflecting the product's steps, time, inventory, quality, and pain level. The event's output is a future state map and plan showing the improvements to reduce the pain level and increase the product speed to the customer. The team will consist of a diverse groups from operators, supervision, mechanics, engineers, and sales with the support of leadership.


The session is for 10-12 participants.

How fast can you fabricate and ship a product to the customer?

40 Hours

Price: Email for Info

Standardized Work Training

Ensuring that products and services are the perfect quality every time and on-time requires to eliminate waste, adopt best practices, and pro-active training. Standardized Work requires to engage employees to make their tasks safe and easy, which allows for efficiency to follow. The training contains exercises to understand the chaos and how standardized work improves tasks.

The session is for 9-15 participants.

Consistency is the Key!

8 Hours

Price: Email for Info

On-going Coaching and Training

There are many tools to learn and apply to the company to ensure the Lean Journey is a Success. As a team, we will design a company specific Lean plan to minimize cost and efficiency of time while supporting on-going teams. Training Examples: Hoshin Kanri, Muda-Muri-Mura, Kaizen Process, 5S, Cell Design, SMED, TPM, Office Kaizen, Kanban, Daily Genba, Employee Matrix, etc.

The right tool at the right time.

4 Hours

Price: Email for Info

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